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Sport & vitality

Time out is time to recharge. Time to do all those things that get your heart pumping faster – or slow it down. The things that make you stop and think about life and how you can enhance it. How to push yourself to your limits, and then kick back and destress. Everything you need to keep you in the pink. It’s about self-improvement and self-acceptance. Making yourself the best you can be – and then enjoying that person to the max.

If you want to play golf, polo or other sport, fancy a wellness centre or spa, or are thinking of cosmetic or elective surgery, think South Africa. Competitions and races in running, swimming, paddling, cycling and other sports are legion, and you could attend a training clinic in your favourite sport.

There’s so much good food around and it’s easy to over-indulge while on holiday but you can stay in shape by utilising some of the many fitness and exercise facilities on offer. For a less rigid and more fun form of exercise, there are loads of golf courses around and other places where you can participate in your favourite sport. If you’re a serious athlete, you could attend a training clinic or enter one of the many interesting and scenic races and competitive events that take place all through the year. If you’d rather watch than take part, check out our listing of spectator sport events.

But, really, it’s not all about getting hot and sweaty, or painting your face and waving a flag at your favourite team. Southern Africa is a great destination for a bit of real relaxation and re-creation – take time out at a wellness centre or a spa, or spend a week at a peaceful retreat. For a more serious approach to re-creation, South Africa, particularly, has a very sophisticated and cost-effective medical infrastructure so it’s a perfect place to do have some elective surgery and recover in a beautiful environment.

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