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© SA Tourism© SA TourismSouth Africa and Namibia are great places to tick off seabirds, both coastal and pelagic. As well as the many gulls, gannets, terns and cormorants that have their permanent home here, there is a huge population of the endemic and adorable African penguin. This endangered, flightless bird nests mainly on relatively inaccessible offshore islands but can be seen in one of two mainland colonies near Cape Town, and also on a tour of Robben Island.
And Cape Town is ideally placed to tick off a whole range of Antarcrctic migrants, including albatrosses, petrels, storm petrels, shearwaters, skuas and tropic birds. The cute and comical rockhopper penguin is a fairly frequent vagrant, and even macaroni and king penguins have dropped in for a rare visit.
Interestingly, towards the end of June or beginning of July, there is an enormous migration of pilchards, known as the [ sardine run], up the east coast along the Wild Coast as far as Durban. As well as the many dolphins and sharks that follow the shoal, there are numerous seabirds, many of which are not usually seen that far north.

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