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Sailing & boat trips

© Jennifer Stern© Jennifer SternSouth Africa, perched as it is at the bottom of the magical continent of Africa, is not the easiest of sailing venues. In fact, it can be pretty scary, and the first European sailors to reach what is now Cape Point, called it the Cape of Storms. So you might gather from this that it’s not a great bareboat charter destination. However, it’s a great place to learn to sail – either on keelboats or even on small single or twin-hull dinghies.
You’ll find a huge choice of scenic cruises, with our without cocktails, snacks or whatever, and South Africa is one of the better destinations worldwide for [ dolphin & whale watching].
And there are some surprisingly attractive inland sailing and cruising destinations. Many of the dams in South Africa have a well developed tourist infrastructure, so you could rent a houseboat or a yacht, or just stay on the bank and play on the water every day. Further north, Kariba and Lake Malawi are enormous expanses of water, where you can spend days or even weeks getting from one end to the other. Kariba has an enormous flotilla of houseboats that range from quite basic to relatively luxurious.

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