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© Jennifer Stern© Jennifer SternThis wonderful little city is often called "The Last Outpost of the British Empire" by admirers and detractors alike. It's not really true but it does have a certain genteel English country feel to it. Situated in a hollow surrounded by hills, Pietermaritzburg has very intimate ties with Durban. These are most notable in two very tough races, which are run between the cities. The Comrades Marathon is 98km long and follows the old national road. The other race is the extremely challenging Dusi Canoe Marathon, which is run on the Umsinduzi River every year. A statue of Mahatma Gandhi stands on the spot where he was arrested for riding in a "whites only" train carriage. He claimed that his career of passive resistance started then.

Pietermaritzburg is just short of 100km from Durban on the N3.

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