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Physically close to Johannesburg, but miles away in spirit, this charming little town is rapidly becoming quite a fashionable residential area – with commuters claiming the peace and quiet are worth the drive. It’s an interesting town with lots of artists, coffee shops and the general sort of thing you would expect in a small country town that is in the process of being taken over by creative rat-race refugees.

But there is more. There is a gentle, one day canoe trip on the Vaal River, which runs right past the town. And the South African white water rodeo championships is held close to the town on some of the more challenging rapids. The fly fishing is excellent, as the river is home to numerous wild, wily yellow fish.

The nearby Dome Conservancy, which is centred on the Vredefort Dome meteorite impact crater, has some challenging mountain bike trails and numerous small game lodges.

Parys is about an hour’s drive from Johannesburg.

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