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Overland trips

© Jennifer Stern© Jennifer SternThere is so much to see in southern Africa and the rest of Africa you could be excused for not being able to choose. So, perhaps it’s a good idea to join an overland trip that takes in the highlights of the continent. But do your homework. Firstly, give yourself a long, hard look. On an overland truck, you will spend many hours cooped up with other people, and most overland companies tend to encourage a party atmosphere so, if you’re a loner, you will probably not enjoy this option.
And then, check out the company. The original overland trips were quite basic but they’ve become a bit more sophisticated over the years. You can choose between a large trip on a truck, with relatively rough camping or opt for a smaller group and more comfortable accommodation. Obviously, the price tags vary accordingly and companies that offer small group trips with comfortable accommodation and attentive service usually market them as mobile safaris rather than overland trips.
Also very important, find out exactly what is included in the cost price. Some quoted prices may include absolutely everything while others may not include a food kitty, park fees, tours or certain meals. And find out just how much you will be expected to contribute, as some companies expect you to pull your weight, some wait on you hand and foot (although you can usually recognise these by the hefty price tag) and on others the guides do most of the cooking and cleaning but will not object to a helping hand.
Some mobile safari companies specialise in trips for people with disabilities with specially adapted vehicles and, if necessary, access to oxygen, dialysis, etc.

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