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Mostly scenic paddling trips

Scenic trips range from absolutely flat water to nice friendly rivers with long flat stretches interspersed with some fun rapids. The Richtersveld, on the Orange River, is the mainstay of the South African river running industry, offering a fun, scenic multi-day, family-friendly trip with some nice but not-too-challenging rapids. Upstream on the same river, the Green Kalahari section is similar, but not quite as dramatic or as remote. The Breede, near Cape Town, has the advantage of being close to a major city so it’s a great escape for day or weekend trips, as well as team building, as is the Vaal, near Johannesburg. The Crocodile River, near Johannesburg, is a fun day trip with some smallish rapids. The Sabie River in Mpumalanga is a fun river with very small rapids, and the nearby Blyde has a relatively easy section, which is offered as a family-friendly day trip. The Ash River, in the Free State, is also a rather schizophrenic river with one lovely, bird-rich easy section.

Most of these trips are run in open Canadian-style canoes, but some of the Orange River trips are done with two-person inflatable rafts, known as crocs.

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