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This small town, previously called Potgietersrus, is best known for the fabulous archaeological remains found in the Makapans Cave System. The Cave of Hearths is unique in that it has an unbroken archaeological record stretching from the Early Stone Age to the Late Stone Age, as well as significant iron age deposits and a fossil record of animals and hominids going back over 3 million years. In historic times, the Makapansgat Cave was besieged for a month in a bitter battle between the Voortrekkers and the Ndebele, led by Mokopane, after whom the cave – and hence the town – was named.

Mokopane is about 280km north of Johannesburg on the N1, en route to Zimbabwe. The N1 is also an efficient route to take to get to the northern part of the Kruger National Park from Johannesburg. There is a small airport at Polokwane, about 45km away.

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