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Mine tours

© SA Tourism© SA TourismAlthough the scenery, wildlife, fascinating cultural destination and great adventures are South Africa’s most important attributes tourism-wise, the fact is that mining plays an essential part in the economy. In fact, the mineral wealth of South Africa is truly astonishing – enormous gold deposits, huge kimberlite pipes dotted with diamonds, and a whole lot more minerals like coal, bauxite and iron ore that, while they are undoubtedly useful, are not nearly as pretty. You can tour the largest open cast iron mine in the world in the Northern Cape, and watch the more than a mile long iron ore trains heading off to the coast with mega-tonnes of raw materials for bridges, cars and kitchen knives.

You can tour a gold or diamond mine, visit reconstructed mining villages or even try your hand at gold panning. And, of course, the best part is you can buy the products and have them made up into something beautiful in a matter of days while you’re lying on the beach, tasting wine or watching lions.

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