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© SA Tourism© SA TourismLimpopo is the most remote, mysterious and magical of South Africa’s provinces. Here you could find a sacred grove of cycads that has been guarded by the queen of the Lobedu people for centuries (obviously not the same queen - succeeding ones). And, deep in the forests of Venda, a sacred lake holds unfathomable secrets. Young girls dance, snake-like, to the beat of a sacred drum, and pristine forests jealously guard their precious trees, and the sacred graves within them.

But it's not all myth and magic. There are some very tangible attractions. The northern part of the Kruger National Park, which lies within this province, is said to be wilder with fewer facilities and far less people. There are two wonderful horseback safaris, one of which is in the game-rich, Malaria-free Waterberg Conservancy, and the other in the beautiful Lowveld area known as the Harmony Block. The Olifants River, which flows into the Kruger National Park, is a zesty, not-too-tricky white water river and you could join a day trip, overnight or multi-day excursion. The hiking is quite strenuous but very scenic - through large tracts of (not too sacred) indigenous forest.

And near Tzaneen, beautiful rivers flow through lovely afromontane forests, while a whole range of wonderfully delicious tropical fruits grow in the valleys.

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