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Not to be confused with Ladysmith in KwaZulu-Natal, this attractive Karoo town is considered the gateway to the R62. Nestled under the majestic Towerkop (magic mountain) it offers visitors some interesting hikes, wineries and the usual collection of guest houses and coffee shops. Ladismith is on the R62, about 100km west of Oudtshoorn. The nearest airport is George, about 160km away.

In case you’re wondering, both towns were named after Lady Juana Smith, the wife of Sir Harry Smith, the governor the Cape. Ladysmith, in what was then Natal, was founded in 1850, and the Cape one in 1852. So, with Ladysmith having priority, Ladismith changed the spelling of its name to avoid confusion. It hasn’t really helped; most people are still confused. Anyhow, she must have been quite a woman.

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