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© SA Tourism© SA TourismIt is almost certainly only because of the existence of an enormous diamond pipe that the town of Kimberley ever developed. (An interesting fact is that the rock in which diamonds are found is called kimberlite.) The Kimberley Mine Museum is a reconstructed mining town built around the Big Hole - a huge monument to the lengths (and depths) humans will go in search of these glittering gems. Not far from the town is a fascinating rock art site. Instead of paintings, these are rock engravings and they depict a strange array of abstract shapes and designs. As well as being an interesting town in its own right, Kimberley is a convenient stopover en route between Cape Town and Johannesburg on the N12, which is less frenetic than the N1, and about the same distance.

Kimberley has a small airport and the slightly busier airport at Bloemfontein is less than 200km away along the N8.

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