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Groot Marico

There are any number of attractive small towns in South Africa – and around the world – that have much to offer, but are virtually unknown. And sometimes it is only by some strange quirk of fate that they do become known. Groot Marico is one such place.

It’s a real, small, country town where the pace of life is slow, and many things are run just as they have been for generations. However – in the past – one small thing did happen to this unprepossessing little town. A young teacher named Herman Charles Bosman, came out from Johannesburg to take up a post at the local school. And as this young teacher got to know his neighbours, he started writing about them. With a wry fondness, he documented their habits, their foibles, their beliefs, their faults, and their strengths in a series of very popular books. The art galleries, coffee shops, and mampoer (similar to moonshine) distilleries that offer tasting trips are just some of the new attractions that can be attributed to Bosman’s legacy.

The Eye of Marico, is also worth a visit. It’s a crystal clear spring, where the Marico River rises. Groot Marico is about two hour’s drive from Pretoria along the R27 which continues to Botswana. The nearest airport is at Pilanesberg, but that’s not much use as there are very few flights from there other than to Johannesburg, which is only about three hour’s drive away.

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