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George is the de facto capital of the Garden Route, and undoubtedly its largest urban centre and only city. It's not on the coast, so it is already at a disadvantage when compared to Plett or Knysna, but it has found its little niche and it fills it extremely well. George has golf courses – in a big way. Between the George Golf Club, which has consistently been in the list of top ten golf courses in South Africa for many years, and the rather pricey Fancourt Estate, there are five excellent courses in a very small area. Driving ranges, mashie courses and golf academies complete the picture. Golf aside, George has an attractive cathedral and a museum, and the surrounding areas offer the usual rural pleasure of craft shops and farm tours. But really, it's all about position. The closest ocean access is Victoria Bay, which is an unbelievably beautiful little beach nestled up against the mountain. The surf here is great, but is quite strictly regulated in summer, when bathers rule.

And George also has the only airport of the Garden Route, with regular schedules to Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

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