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Game sanctuaries

© SA Tourism© SA TourismIf you have limited time, you can visit a game sanctuary close to most of the major cities. While these may be a little contrived, they are usually well stocked with game and offer an excellent viewing experience. For the purposes of clarity only, we have arbitrarily decided to classify sanctuaries as large tracts of land where animals are allowed to roam free, but their feeding is supplemented or controlled. So, for example, the lions will not be allowed to snack on the very expensive sable antelope or disease-free buffalo. This does not mean these are not great game-viewing experiences as many game sanctuaries can guarantee sightings of the big five and other sometimes elusive or rare animals. And most are situated in areas of great natural beauty. Most, but not all, have typical game lodge accommodation and offer game drives, escorted game walks and perhaps horse trails or other wildlife experiences.

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