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This delightful little country town offers a fantastic variety of attractions. The older part is blessed with many pretty Victorian houses, some of which are guest houses. The spring flowers are fantastic, consisting more of bulbs and orchids than the more common daisies, and a handful of small but innovative wineries produce some worthwhile vintages. But – probably the town’s best known attraction is Evita se Perron. This is a theatre/restaurant/craft shop development on the now defunct Darling Railway Station. (If you don’t speak Afrikaans, you won’t understand the pun. “Perron” means “railway platform”.) The whole centre is owned, run and managed by Pieter-Dirk Uys, one of South Africa’s most outspoken, outrageous and outright talented actors, playwrights and political satirists. He is best known for his alter ego – Evita Bezuidenhout – who claims to the “the most famous white woman in Africa”. Go see.

Darling is only about an hour’s drive from Cape Town, north along the R27, so it’s an easy day out.

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