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© SA Tourism© SA TourismCradock, a small town in the Fish River Valley, dates back to 1812. The pleasures here are mostly cultural, and those who have a love of old buildings will enjoy ambling through the streets, admiring the beautifully renovated houses and the local hotel. Also close to the town is the scenic Mountain Zebra National Park, with its lovely self-guided multi-day hike and – not surprisingly – lots of zebra. (Many people claim the Cape Mountain Zebra to be the most beautiful of the many sub-species of zebra.) The home of one of Cradock’s most illustrious erstwhile inhabitants, Olive Schreiner, is a museum, and her grave is near the town.

Cradock is situated on the N10, almost halfway between Port Elizabeth and Colesberg. The nearest Airport is at Port Elizabeth, 250km away.

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