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Archaeology & palaeontology

© Jennifer Stern© Jennifer SternThere are interesting archaeological and palaeontological remains all over the country but not all are easy to see. The Cradle of Humankind, near Johannesburg, is richly endowed with spectacularly well preserved early hominid fossils that lend credence to the theory that humankind evolved in Africa. Of the many very well preserved stone age sites the most easily accessible are Makapans Cave in Limpopo Province, and Nelson’s Bay Cave in the Western Cape’s Plettenberg Bay. The Iron age fortresses of Thulamela, in the northern part of the Kruger National Park, and the world heritage site of Mapungubwe, also in Limpopo Province are believed to be built by the same people who built the impressive Great Zimbabwe and Khame Ruins in Zimbabwe. Tours of either of these sites, will give an interesting insight into the history of southern Africa. And, of course, the many beautiful rock art sites spread all over southern Africa attest to the artistic style and spiritual depth of the stone age culture of the San (or Bushman) people whose descendents still live in the Kalahari Thirstland.

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