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Apartheid & the freedom struggle

© SA Tourism© SA TourismThe history of Apartheid and the freedom struggle that culminated in the first elections under a universal franchise in South Africa in 1994 captured the imagination of the world. Of course, it didn’t end there, and it is an ongoing challenge to build on the progress that has been made, but no visit to South Africa is complete without gaining, at least, an inkling of what it was – and still is – about.

Museums, such as Robben Island, the Nelson Mandela Museum, the Apartheid Museum and Constitution Hill display various aspects of the long walk to freedom, while monuments and places of – almost pilgrimage – such as the Hector Peterson Memorial, Steve Biko’s Grave and the place where Nelson Mandela was arrested, serve to remind us what freedom actually costs.

Although there are some places that stand out in the collective memory, like Soweto and Sharpeville, the struggle was country-wide and there is hardly a city or town that does not have its story to tell. So you can do a historical tour in almost every settlement in South Africa – sometimes led by people who actually took part in the activities they relate.

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