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Adventure & fun

© Jennifer Stern© Jennifer Stern The essence of adventure is to step out of your comfort zone – to try something new, different and just that little bit challenging. It’s not risking your life that makes it an adventure; it’s risking your preconceived ideas about life. And that’s what makes most of the options on this site adventurous – even those listed under culture & history, ecotourism & nature or sport & vitality. Oh, and the essence of fun is – to have fun. Enjoy surfing this site as a prelude to the real thing.

Southern Africa’s adventures range from mild to extreme adrenaline. There’s, horse trails, hiking, mountain biking, diving, climbing, caving, paragliding, ballooning and other aviation adventures. Find bridge swinging, bungy jumping and all sorts of zip slides in jumps, swings & slides. Canoeing, kayaking & rafting offers everything from flat water or mostly scenic paddling trails and sea kayaking to hectic white water. Southern Africa’s sunny climate is ideal for surfing, kite surfing & boardsailing or sailing & boat trips, while the great outdoors beckons off-road enthusiasts in 4x4’s & quad bikes. Skiing, sand boarding & snowboarding operators make use of the limited snow in this sunny land, as well as the abundant fantastic sand dunes. And for the young, the young at heart, or the just plain frivolous, there is loads of fun stuff like geo-caching, kite flying, and multi-activity centres, including theme parks and urban adventure playgrounds.

In Southern Africa you’ll find some of the biggest and best adventures on earth. The Guinness Book of Records lists the Bloukrans Bungy in South Africa’s Eastern Cape, and Lesotho’s Maletsunyane Falls Abseil as the highest in the world. The white water rafting in the Batoka Gorge, on the Zambezi River, which forms the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, is widely considered to the best (and wildest) one day white water rafting trip in the world, and Bruce’s Beauties, at Cape St Francis, is reputed to be the most perfectly formed wave on the planet.

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