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4x4 & quad trails

© Jennifer Stern© Jennifer SternDriving off-road is an integral part of South African culture. Granted, not everyone does actually get of the blacktop, and even many people who own big shiny four-wheel drive urban assault vehicles never do anything more taxing with them than parking on high kerbs, but it’s still something we all dream about. So we buy big off-road vehicles, accessorise them to the max with shiny bull bars, winches and hi-lift jacks and dream. Well, make those dreams a reality. If you’re a bit nervous, join a four-wheel drive club near your home, or do an off-road training course. If you’re not a local and are travelling to South Africa for a holiday and fancy heading off the beaten track, you can rent a four-wheel drive vehicle complete with all the camping gear you could ever imagine needing.
OK – so you’ve got the vehicle, now what? Well there are numerous off-road trails. Many farms have purpose-built off-road trails and often provide characterful self-catering or B&B accommodation as well. Some of the national and provincial parks allow off-road driving, and some of those beyond South Africa’s borders are only accessible in a four-wheel drive.
If you like the idea of going off road but are too nervous to head off into the wild blue yonder on your own, you can do an escorted or chauffeur-driven trail. Another great option is a tag-along trail, which is led by an experienced off-roader and you follow in your own, or a rented, vehicle.
And not all four-by-fours are huge. All Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s) or quadbikes, as they are affectionately known, are great fun and offer a fabulous way to explore. There are many quad bike trails all around the country, most of which are guided and supply all equipment.

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